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What is a Car Splitter and How Does it Work

What is a Car Splitter and How Does it Work

You’ve definitely considered adding an aftermarket Car Splitter if you want to give the front of your car a sportier look. A front splitter has a certain look that shouts “racing car” to me. It is one of the most widely used external car modifications because of this.

What Is A Car Splitter?

A car splitter is a device that is installed on the front of a car, typically between the front wheels. It is also sometimes referred to as a front splitter or air dam. The purpose of a car splitter is to improve the car’s aerodynamics by directing airflow underneath the car and creating downforce.

The splitter is typically a flat or slightly angled piece of material, such as carbon fiber or plastic that extends outward from the bottom of the car’s front bumper. This directs the airflow under the car and prevents it from going over the top, which would create lift and reduce traction.

It is often used in racing or high-performance applications, where the added downforce can help the car corner better and maintain higher speeds. However, it can also be used on street cars to improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise.

How Does It Work?

A car splitter works by creating a high-pressure area of air underneath the car and a low-pressure area above it. As the car moves forward, the air flows over the top of the car, and some of it is redirected by the splitter to flow underneath the car.

The airflow directed underneath the car creates a high-pressure area because it is forced to move faster and has less space to flow through. At the same time, the air above the car is moving slower and has more space to flow through, creating a low-pressure area.

This pressure difference creates a downward force on the car, known as downforce, which helps to improve traction and stability. This is particularly useful in racing and high-performance driving, as it allows the car to corner at higher speeds and maintain control under braking.

The design of the splitter is also important in determining how effective it is. The shape and angle of the splitter can be adjusted to optimize the airflow and create the desired amount of downforce. Additionally, the height of the splitter can be adjusted to accommodate different driving conditions and road surfaces.

How Should The Splitter Be Fitted?

The precise way that a splitter should be fitted will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the specific type of splitter being used. However, some general guidelines can be followed.

  • First, it’s important to ensure that the splitter is securely attached to the front of the car. This may require drilling holes into the front bumper or other parts of the car, so it’s important to make sure that you have the necessary tools and expertise to do this properly. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s best to have a professional install the splitter for you.
  • Once the splitter is securely attached, it’s important to adjust its height to ensure that it’s providing the right amount of downforce without creating too much drag. This will also depend on the specific make and model of the vehicle, as well as the desired performance goals. In general, a higher splitter will provide more downforce but may also create more drag, while a lower splitter may provide less downforce and create less drag.
  • It’s also important to ensure that the splitter is level, both from side to side and front to back. This will help to ensure that the airflow is being redirected evenly and that the splitter is providing the desired level of downforce.
  • Finally, it’s important to regularly inspect the splitter to ensure it’s still securely attached and in good condition. Over time, the splitter may become damaged or loose, which can affect its performance and potentially cause damage to the car.

The Bottom Line!

Overall, fitting a car splitter requires careful attention to detail and a good understanding of aerodynamics and automotive engineering. If you’re not comfortable with this process, it’s best to have a professional like Brutal Customz who can install the splitter for you to ensure that it’s fitted correctly and safely.

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