Ceramic Coating

Upto 10 years


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Ceramic Coating - Paint (Self Healing)

Grephene self-healing creamic coating is a world and industry first. Ground – breaking nanotechnology infused with the strongest material known to man. This product is strictly reserved for approved Master Detailers only. Graphen’s self healing properties are activated best with hot near boiling water or direct heat, this will remove light swirls and wash marring from the coating.

Ceramic Coating - Glass

Glass, the ultimate nano ceramic glass protection coating.This product ensures clean, crisp vision for drivers and has a high resistance to bug splatter.

Ceramic Coating - Wheel & Caliper

Wheel Caliper is designed to reduce contaminant build up on alloy wheels and brake calipers.Once applied, cleaning becomes easier amd surfaces remain extremely glossy.

Ceramic Coating - Plastic & Rubber

Plastic & Rubber will bring back faded trims to a deep black color.while giving some serious protection at the same time. On new trims and plastics, this coating will dramatically reduce fading,while giving a fresh new look for years to come.

Ceramic Coating - Leather

This product ensures that your vehicles leather seats are protected from stains and abrasions, while making them easier to clean.